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2021-768525 - Postdoc position in Comparative Mars/Moon seismology

mardi 7 décembre 2021

Domaine fonctionnel : Recherche/Chercheuse / Chercheur
Nature de l'emploi : Emploi ouvert uniquement aux contractuels
Description du poste :
Postdoc goals and activity In the framework of these two projects, the Planetary and Space Science team of the Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) is searching candidates for a two years postdoctoral position, with an extension possibility by a third year. This position will be based at Université de Paris, Paris Rive Gauche campus. The recruited postdoc will contribute to the following SEIS/InSight and FSS mission activities for about 40% of his working time • for InSight and together with the IPGP InSight operation team, she/he will contribute to the weekly data analysis, including data pre-processing when needed and event selection processes • for FSS, she/he will contribute to developing the FSS VBB data analysis software, aiming to analyze the FSS data together with data from Apollo and any other future missions, in order to better detect, characterize and classify deep moonquakes and invert from these the deep structure of the Moon. She/he will contribute to science analysis in one or several of the science theme InSight working groups for 40% of the working time, with focus depending on her/his expertise. The remaining 20% will be made available for the selected postdoc’s personal researches.

Expected Skills, training and experience The candidate must have a PhD at the time of application and must demonstrate experience in seismology. Experience in planetary seismology and/or structure seismic inversion and/or computational seismology and/or seismic noise analysis and inversion are required. The position is open to candidate with a first postdoc experience or without such an experience. The candidate must have demonstrated a capability to lead scientific publications as well as being able to work in a team. A solid experience in data processing and seismic software development will be required. Working languages in the InSight team are both French and English.
Lieu d'affectation : 1 Rue Jussieu 75005 Paris
Niveau d'études : Niveau 8 Doctorat/diplômes équivalents

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